Los crazy de La Habana

A Cuban Band based in Cuba,

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The tradition of Cuban music

Cuban BandThe Band Los Crazy de La Habana appeared in the City of La Habana in day 6 of April of the year of 1999. Some musicians, of different bands, had congregated themselves with the ideia to form a group that preserved the tradition of Cuban music..

Samba of Brazil, Cumba of Colombia

In the beginning they called Cuban Clave, and later Clave of Sun. The derivation Crazy. appeared the order of the public who, infected for the vibrant show of the band, acclaimed its " madness " in stage. In an explosive and exotic scene, full of tropical energy magic and coreography, Became cumplices of the spectators, who did not resist to dance and to sing to the rhythm of the full chords of joy.
The Band Los Crazy de La Habana. exceeds the Cuban strokes and is born of the mix of musical genre, in a universal language derived from the influence of some rhythms:

Samba of Brazil, Cumba of Colombia, Merengue of the Dominicana Republic, Bachata de Santo Domingo, Jazz Latino, Latin Disk, Bumba and the sensation of the moment in Cuba, the Timba cubana feel the " madness " that if translates the musicians of the Band who comes of Cuba to give tropical flavor to the Europe.

ELÉYÓ - Le parcours en bref

Cuban BandThe path of the show is based on presentations, for deriving tourists of all the globe, in tourist complexes of well known Caribbean island. But the moment most excellent and that it caused a great projection of the Band occurred in the most important meeting of musicians of genre in the Europe, " Festival PORI Jazz " in the Finlândia, where Los Crazy de La Habana world-wide shared stage in the Copacabana (bigger European Hall of Latin dancing in Helsínquia) with recognized groups: COOL and the GANG, LOS BANBAN and BUENA SEEN SOCIAL CLUB.
This, has as leader Compay Segundo, world-wide famous favours to the set of documents of Wim Wenders. In this its European tour also acted in Sweden (Estocolmo) and France (Paris). Each time more the Portuguese choose Cuba as vacation destination, return full of homesicknesses, homesicknesses these that can now be calmed with the colors and the Latin flavor that we find in Los Crazy de La Habana.

Formation of Los Crazy de La Habana

Los Crazy de La HabanaGUSTAVO RIVERO ACOSTA - main Voice, 35 years GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ LOMBARDIA - Guitar and voice, 40 years HUMBERTO CAMEJO NUÑEZ - 3th Guitar and voice, 39 years ARELIS MIRANDA LEMOS - lesser Percussion and voice, 28 years ALFREDO DELGADO MARTINEZ - bigger Percussion, 39 years ALEXEI VELASQUEZ REMEDIOS - Keyboard and voice, 25 years.

Musical Reportório

PROPER SONGS (unknown) Homage sonero Memory Al Tercero La Chica del Solar Papá Quichá Mi Legendary Changui Los Crazy Moved La Rice con Palito - Sound Salsa Idilio - Sound Salsa La Negra Tomasa - Sound Salsa El Fourth of Tula - Sound Salsa Señora - Parsley Pacá Rhythm - Salsa Derroche - Sound La Vida Leases - Canción Convergencia - Bolero El Paralítico - Sound Cocaleca - Merengue If Fue - Merengue Volvere - Merengue Tu Voca - Merengue Piel Cinnamon - Bolero La China Rumbera - Guanguancó Cachita y el Frog - Guaracha El Charlatán - Guaracha Olvido - Bolero Sound 20 años - Bolero Y itself Llego the Besarte - Bolero Love Fugaz - Bolero all is lost - Canción El rey - Ranchera Guantanamera - Sound Sound of la Loma - Sound Auction Siempre - Bolero Basilón - Chachachá El Bodeguero - Chachachá Manantial de Corazones - Sound Cohimbra - Instrumental Maguey - Instrumental smooth Mona - Instrumental La Viquina - Instrumental Mambo # 5 - Instrumental Pori Jazz - Instrumental Sound of Almendra - Instrumental.
Pheling - Instrumental Sereso de Rosa - Instrumental Reloj - Instrumental El Enfangao - Sound El Parampanpan - Sound El Carnival - Sound La Cold Drop - Cumbia Softly - Cumbia Cool Fruit - Merengue the Pure Dolor - Sound Chivé - Discoteca Mayonesa - Discoteca northeast Morango - Discoteca La Caminadora - Conga I have the pleasure of In annex it follows to dossier detailed of this Band.

The mix of musical genre

The mix of musical genre, in a universal language derived from the influence of some rhythms
Sexteto in question has a contract established with Projecção-Serviços and Meios Advertising executives, Lda. and presents all the nights in the Habana Libre, 1º Cuban Typical Restaurant of the great Oporto and, to the fifth-fairs, in the Cuban Night promoted by the Discoteca " Moved La Beach "

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Hacienda Historia

Hacienda Historia de Alexander Abreu et Havana D Primera (2011).